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East Boro COVID 19 UPDATE from 19th July 2021

An Update on COVID19 and Our Services


As you will be aware on 19th July 2021 the Government is changing the law around COVID19. From this date it will be up to individuals and businesses to follow Government Guidance on what measures are needed to stay safe. 


While this will mean an end to the legal requirement for wearing face coverings and social distancing in shops and on public transport, the Government will give businesses the responsibility of choosing what COVID19 restrictions to keep in place. 


We’ve used our risk assessments and the latest Government guidance to review how we provide our services to you and have decided to continue with the following measurers for the time being to help keep you and our colleagues safe. 


Community Rooms in Sheltered Schemes will be open from 19th July 2021 but all persons using them must wear a face covering and continue to socially distance. 


What This Means for You:

➢ Please stay in another room where possible and at lest two meters away from our colleagues when they are working 

➢ Continue to wear a face covering when our colleagues are in your home if you can't be in another room or stay two meters away  

➢ Continue to tell us if you or anyone in your household is self-isolating or has tested positive for COVID19

➢ If a colleague feels unsafe at any time, they can stop their work and leave your home 


Colleagues Working in our Communities Will:

➢ Depending on their job role, colleagues will continue to undertake a PCR test once a week and a lateral flow test in between PCR tests where necessary, or, continue to self-test (lateral flow) twice weekly for COVID19 as long as the Government deems it necessary 

➢ Carry out regular hand washing and wipe down their tools and surfaces regularly 

➢ Wear face coverings in your home and in communal areas

➢ Maintain social distancing in your home 

➢ Keep windows open in their work area when working inside your home

➢ Keep windows open in the room they work in inside your home 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued understanding and support 


Best Wishes 

Karen Allan, Director of Housing Services             


Date Posted: Monday 19th July 2021 @ 10:59