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Preparing the way for the launch of the first phase of the Dorset Care Record

Leaflets, posters and videos informing people about the Dorset Care Record (DCR) will be available in GP surgeries, libraries, hospitals and local authority buildings over the next few weeks.

The materials will also provide people in Dorset with information about their consent options around sharing their records with the health and social care professionals dealing with their care.

The DCR will bring together information from hospitals, GPs, community teams and local councils, enabling details of a person’s medical or care history – and their needs – to be summarised in the same place.

As well as bringing together a range of patient/client information, the benefits of the DCR include not having to repeat your story, helping get the right treatment by the right person at the right time and knowing that, in due course, it will aid professionals in managing people’s health care more easily.

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Date Posted: Tuesday 16th January 2018 @ 12:50