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Free Handy Man Service relaunched for older people in Bournemouth

East Boro, part of the Aster Group, has relaunched its free Handy Man Repair Service for older residents in Bournemouth.

Run on behalf of BCP and open to all local people over the age of 60 receiving benefits*, EBHT’s handy man is available to tackle general household tasks and small repair jobs. There is no charge for the labour – the only fee payable is for the cost of materials.

The Handy Man Repair Service delivers a huge range of repairs and safety services in the home and garden, including repairing and installing grab rails, putting up curtain tracks and curtains to fitting door chains, locks and spy holes. Out in the garden, he can clean/repair access to pathways as well as fix small areas of fencing and gates. Providing the repair job can be fully completed within two hours it will qualify for the free service.

Commenting on the benefits of providing the handy man to qualifying residents of Bournemouth, EBHT chief executive Kevin Hodder, said: “We’re delighted to relaunch our popular Handy Man Repair Service which provides practical and reliable support for those living in their own home, helping to maintain their independence.

“Our skilled handy man offers a professional service and a friendly face, often to those people who don’t have regular visitors or get to speak to anyone for a number of days. Not only does he tick the jobs off the list, he also often provide welcome company too.”

For further information on the Handy Man Service visit / or call 01202 883 503, option 3.

Date Posted: Tuesday 19th October 2021 @ 15:17