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Hedgehog Tunnel of Love

Our Development policy involves attention to ecology, taking care of creatures such as bats and hedgehogs.

With this in mind here is a photo of the beginnings of a tunnel for hedgehogs built at our Development at the Former Grove School Site, School Lane, Dorchester, using old stone cills for the hedgehog tunnels and old lumps of stone from old school for feature pieces around the site. 

This scheme involves the development of six new homes for people with learning disabilities and is due for completion early 2020. There will be three x two-bedroom bungalows and three x one-bedroom houses. Regular meetings are being held with Dorset Councils to identify tenants.

We are also looking at innovative assistive technology, partly funded by the Department of Health, Housing and Technology fund. 

Date Posted: Tuesday 8th October 2019 @ 12:06