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A Warm Welcome to King Alfred Residents

K​ing Alfred Housing Association has recently merged with East Boro Housing Trust. To celebrate this merger, a lunchtime event was organised for all residents of Butts Mead House, Spillers House and St Edwards Court, at the Royal Chase Hotel in Shaftesbury.

Former King Alfred Board Members and a number of our Housing staff were invited to meet our new residents. There was a short meeting before lunch when Kevin Hodder (CE) welcomed everyone to East Boro Housing Trust and said a few words about working together. The staff introduced were: Louise Way, Housing Manager; Mary Elkins, Enhanced Housing Management Officer; Dorothy Allen, Customer Liaison Manager; Wendy Mullen, Housing Officer and Support Co-ordinator and each were asked to say a few words about their role at East Boro. Sheltered Housing Officers, Sheryl Ward and Lisa Crabb, joined us at this event. They are both very popular with residents as they do such a great job.

It was a lovely occasion and everyone got on really well. The carvery was very nice and it was a pleasure to meet the King Alfred residents and chat with them. King Alfred is situated in Shaftesbury and consists of three buildings: Butts Mead House, which consists of 23 units; Spillers House, 17 units and St Edward’s Court where the 21 units are owner occupied and all residents are leaseholders, for whom we have now taken up the management of the buildings.

Overall, it was a lovely day and the staff are all excited to work with our new colleagues and residents!

Dorothy Allen, Customer Liaison Manager

Date Posted: Tuesday 2nd April 2019 @ 11:26