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Community shop sees membership soar as cost of living crisis bites

A community shop and café in Dorset has seen its membership soar by 30 per cent in the last two months as some local residents in the Weymouth community struggle with the current cost of living crisis.


The Nest Community Shop and Café, based at East Boro Housing Trust’s Waverley Community Hub, provides cheap nutritious food and meals to local residents in need. As food prices and energy costs continue to soar, membership numbers have increased to 660 people.


Neil Hardisty, Nest director, explains further: “As this cost of living crisis bites harder we are seeing more and more Weymouth residents needing help with the cost of their weekly groceries. Membership to our Community Shop is open to individuals and families with a limited disposable income. They can come in once a week for an affordable bag of groceries, along with free bread, milk and vegetables.”


At the Nest Community Shop members can buy 10 items off the shelves for £3.50, or 15 items for £5, along with the free bread, milk and vegetables. The shop is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays, 10am to 2pm.


The Nest Café also offers a range of very affordable refreshments providing members with nutritious, sustaining meals. Opening hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.30am to 2.15pm. The Café is also open to non-members at non-discounted prices.


Kevin Hodder, East Boro’s chief executive, said: “The Nest is having to support more and more people living in Weymouth, some of which will be both East Boro and our wider Aster Group customers - so we are very happy to have been able to provide this incredible charity with a base at The Waverley Hub from which they can continue to serve and support our local community.”


Membership to the Nest Community Shop and Café is based on disposable income, such as those in receipt of an income-based benefit as well as other households not receiving or eligible for such benefit, but still struggling financially.


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Date Posted: Tuesday 19th July 2022 @ 15:00