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World Record Attempt in Wimborne

WIMBORNE has become the first town in the world to set a record for the longest-ever line of books. On Sunday 31st July, thousands of books were laid end-to-end through the town in a bid to break a world record.

East Boro staff members, Mary Selby, Maria Holmes, Debbie Ellis, Paula Isham and her two daughters, all helped laying out the books along West Street, round into West Row and up to the Minster gates. More than 13,000 books were donated for the challenge. To break the record the line had to be continuous and unbroken which was fine when no one was around but as the town started to get busier during the morning it became a little more difficult. They also had to keep checking the line as some cheeky passers by pinched a book or two that took their fancy!

It took all the volunteers a good four hours to finish placing 13,410 books laid out across the town covering 2,263 metres. The line of books was recorded and will be sent to Guinness for verification as a world record. The books went on to be sold to raise money for local charities, given to educational charities abroad or donated to the local library. A few older editions have been given to The Priests’ House in Wimborne.

Date Posted: Tuesday 16th August 2016 @ 13:42