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East Boro Tenants Swing Into Action

A GROUNDBREAKING golf clinic for people with learning disabilities has been launched in Weymouth.

Wessex Golf Centre has teamed up with housing and support services provider, East Boro, to offer specialist coaching to its tenants.

Under the tutorship of PGA professionals, Fern Grimshaw and Michael Watson, the clinics cover every aspect of the game from chipping, putting and driving to course maintenance and etiquette.

The first batch of East Boro tenants have just completed a 10-week course, leaving the Wessex duo ‘highly impressed’ with their students’ progress.

Fern Grimshaw said: “It’s an amazing partnership between us and East Boro and it’s been an absolute delight running the clinics. East Boro is very forward thinking in the way it supports its tenants and we are only too pleased to help.

“The guys who have taken part arrived having never even held a golf club and yet all of them are now competent golfers.

“We have worked hard on all aspects of the game and their response has been truly magnificent. Despite their disabilities, the guys have been brilliant and golf has certainly proved an outstanding way for them to express themselves.”

Barry Bowditch is one East Boro tenant who has excelled at the game and he is now looking to develop his golfing career further.

“It’s been brilliant”, he said. “Fern and Michael have been so patient and understanding and we’ve all really enjoyed having the opportunity to learn how to play golf.

“It’s a game that I intend to play regularly from now on and I am hoping to enter some special tournaments for golfers with learning disabilities later this year.”

The Wessex Golf Centre is now planning to offer more clinics throughout the year.

“As a family golf facility we are keen to accommodate people from all sections of the community”, explained Fern Grimshaw.

“We look forward to continuing our work with East Boro and would also invite any individuals or groups of people with learning or physical disabilities to come and give golf a try.”

More details are available by calling Fern Grimshaw or Michael Watson on 01305-784737

Date Posted: Thursday 5th June 2014 @ 11:15