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Peter aims to hit the right note for charity

A BIG-HEARTED Weymouth man is hoping to make sweet music for charity.

Peter Hawkins, who has severe learning disabilities, wants to bring one of the country’s most spectacular fairground organs to the resort next summer.

His lifetime dream is to display the stunning 112-Key Gavioliphone Fairground Organ on the seafront and invite passersby to donate to two worthy local charities.

But before he can do that, the 31-year-old needs to raise £2,000.

Peter, who is being helped by staff at his housing and support provider East Boro, explained: “I have always been interested in fairground organs and have always wanted to do something for charity and the Weymouth community.

“So I decided to combine those dreams and bring this amazing 112-Key Gavioliphone to the town for a weekend in August 2015.

“It’s truly incredible both visually and in sound and what I want to do is have it playing on the seafront and ask people to make a small donation to go towards both the Weymouth Friendship Club and Dementia UK.

“The organ is owned by a gentleman in Yorkshire and so it is going to cost £2,000 to get it down here and so I am trying to raise that money myself by doing various things such as a Grand Prize Draw.”

Peter wants to attract sponsors for the event and is appealing to local businesses to support him.

“It will be a fantastic attraction for both residents and visitors”, he added, “and East Boro have been really supportive in my aim. But I also think it would be a great project for businesses to support and I would urge people to get involved.

“The idea is to do something special for the local community and attract donations for the Weymouth Friendship Club and Dementia UK.”

East Boro support worker, Jenny Auberry is confident Peter will reach the fundraising target and realise his dream.

She said: “Peter is a very passionate and determined man and I know this means the world to him. He has a real love for fairground organs and he wants to share that interest with others as well as raise money for charity.

“This project has done wonders for his confidence and forms part of his ongoing goal and support plan.

“He is working so hard to fulfil his ambition and, with some deserved support from the community, I’m sure that fairground organ will be there in all its glory on Weymouth seafront next year.”

Tickets for Peter’s Grand Prize Draw are now available from the New Vic Bars and Sailors Return in Weymouth.

For more information contact Peter on  07811819026

Date Posted: Thursday 26th June 2014 @ 13:00