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Subway Art in Weymouth

Plans to brighten up parts of Weymouth are one step closer to completion after a public consultation recently held at East Boro's Community Hub, The Waverley in Abbotsbury Road.

Members of the public voted on the type of artwork they would like to see on the walls of Weymouth’s subways.

Julie Hursthouse, community development officer for Dorset Council’s Partnership (pictured above), said around 40 people voted with natural, historical and magical themes coming out on top.

“Everyone has been really excited,” she said. “The ideas have been amazing. Ideas around nature, beach and wetlands along with historical themes linking Weymouth to the maritime era, military history and Anzac have all been quite popular.”

The project, spearheaded by a group of community champions including public, private and voluntary organisations, will see three subways in Weymouth decorated with vibrant murals - King’s Street Subway, the first Westham subway and the underpass beneath the Swannery Bridge.

Mrs Hursthouse said: “The idea is to give people a sense of pride in their area. People are fed up with the children’s graffiti in the subways and it will brighten up the area and make people happy.”

Two artists have been employed to carry out the work and Mrs Hursthouse said it had been important that the project ‘kept it local’. World renowned artist Peter Sheridan (pictured centre), who has recently move to Portland and Weymouth artist Andy Smith (pictured right), who works as the Art Coordinator at The Waverley.

Mrs Hursthouse said a meeting will take place soon to decide which subways will be decorated with which themes. The project is hoped to be completed by the end of November.

Photo and story courtesy of Dorset Echo

Date Posted: Tuesday 11th September 2018 @ 09:15