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Weymouth Arts & Crafts meet the Mayor

Visitors and members of the Art Group join Kevin Hodder, EBHT CEO (far right) as the Mayor, Cllr Richard Kosior congratulates Melanie Symes, EBHT Art & Craft Co-Ordinator, on another successful Open Day.
Photo credit: Chris Warran

The East Boro Arts & Crafts Group in Weymouth had yet another successful Open Day on Thursday 23rd November 2016. The group offers arts, crafts and activities to local adults with disabilities.

They raised £100 for the Mayors' Charity and £111.50 for Weymouth and Portland Dementia Action Alliance. The Mayor attended and was really impressed with the work the group has produced. Infact he was so impressed that he has commissioned a painting by Sarah Boydell, one of the artists in the group. When the artwork is completed she and her family will have a presentation in the Mayors' Chambers.

This year, the group painted a festive backdrop for a photo booth which proved very popular on the day. Local Photographer Chris Warran kindly gave his time to the cause.

The event featured in the local news. Please follow the link:

Date Posted: Monday 12th December 2016 @ 12:00