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Feedback and complaints

It’s very important to us that every East Boro tenant and customer feels able to give us feedback on the services that we provide.

Our staff really appreciate hearing from you if you’ve had a particularly positive experience. We maintain a Compliments Log that assists us to monitor the performance of all Services and we always ensure that the positive feedback is passed on to the relevant staff member/team. Feedback can be provided to any East Boro staff member or can be emailed to Cara Lewis, PA to Chief Executive, at

If you wish to make a suggestion on how we can improve our service to you, we recommend that in the first instance you speak to your Housing Concierge or Support Worker.

We always aim to be helpful, efficient and to deliver our services in the right way the first time. But occasionally, we may fall short of your expectations. please let us know so that we can correct our mistakes quickly and work to improve our services.

Usually, the best people to put matters right are the team responsible for delivering the service to you, so in the first instance we try and resolve your complaint, once we have received it, by asking that team to contact you and see if they can resolve your concerns. If that’s not possible, we’ll deal with your complaint formally and send you a written response detailing what we can do.

How to make a formal complaint

There are two stages to our formal complaints process, each with clear time scales:

Stage 1

  •  A written decision will be given within 10 working days from logging and allocating the complaint.
  • If this is not possible, an explanation and a timeframe for a response will be given.
  • This should not exceed a further 10 working days without good reason (for example if a customer cannot be contacted; or has made a request to be contacted at specified times which are outside of the complaint response timescales.)

Stage 2

  • When a customer is dissatisfied with the outcome of the stage 1 response, they will be given the opportunity to explain why they feel the complaint has not been resolved.
  • A written response will be given within 20 working days from the request to escalate.
  • If this is not possible, an explanation and a timeframe for a response will be given.
  • This should not exceed a further 10 working days without good reason.
  • If a customer remains dissatisfied following the exhaustion of Group’s complaints process as set out in 2.21, they will be provided with an opportunity for the complaint to be reviewed by the Designated Complaints Panel.
  • Customers have the right to refer their complaint to the Housing Ombudsman at any point during the investigation and details of how to do this will be included in the complaint correspondence.

Feedback and Complaints 2021/22

  • East Boro implemented a new complaints policy
  • 100% of complaints were resolved at stage 1
  •  69% of customers are satisfied with our approach to complaint handling

East Boro received four compliments from customers most of which were positive feedback on our staff’s conduct and helpfulness. We received six formal complaints from customers and zero complaints were still open at year end.

“I feel East Boro generally provide a good service.
Many thanks to the staff for their care and consideration.”

Resident of East Borough

Care customers have the right to refer care complaints to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman. Customers can also raise concerns with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) 

Our Complaints Policy, Procedure and Process is aligned to and follows the requirements and principles of the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code and our obligations set out in the Housing Ombudsman Scheme, the Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Regulatory Consumer Standard and the regulatory standards set by the Care Quality Commission.

Full information regarding East Boro’s complaints procedure can be found in our Complaints Policy 

If you need further help to understand the complaints process visit the Housing Ombudsman Code

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