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Bill Symes

WHEN is comes to antiques and collectables, Bill Symes knows his stuff.

The 53-year-old spends hours searching for bargains at car boots and jumbles sales in and around Dorchester.

And over the years he’s made some amazing discoveries, including rare porcelain and China figures.

“It’s my hobby”, he said. “I love searching for antiques and I have found lots of items that are worth much more than I paid for them.

“It’s a bit of an addiction I guess. I just can’t go to a boot sale or a jumble sale without buying something.”

In the past, Bill was forced to keep many of his items in boxes under his bed because he was living in a residential home for people with learning disabilities.

But since moving into his two-bedroom flat at Prince George House in February 2014, it’s been a very different story.

He explained: “I have all my collectables on display in my flat now. They look fantastic and people always comment on my collection.

“Since I’ve been living independently with support from East Boro, my life has changed so much for the better.

“My confidence has grown and I am really happy and everyone says they have seen a positive change in me.

“My flat is brilliant and I am so pleased with it. I’m surrounded by the things I love in life and that really makes happy.”