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Lee Sibley

And they're off

WHEN Lee Sibley sat down to do his goal plans this year, there was only one thing on his mind.

The popular Pergins resident explained loud and clear: ‘I want to go horse riding’.

Just a few weeks later, guess what? Yep, Lee went horse riding.

Thanks to East Boro, and in particular his hard-working support worker, Ravi Goppee, the would-be jockey was enjoying a taster session at a riding school in Hurn.

Lee enjoyed it so much that he’s now a regular in the saddle, a source of pride for East Boro Service Manager Supported Living, Liz Harvey.

“It’s amazing to see Lee riding”, she explained. “He loves it and he’s an absolute natural. He rides a horse called Donald and the bond between them is huge.”

“That’s what goal plans are all about. Sitting down, working out what you want to do and setting about achieving those desires.

“For Lee it’s been so rewarding and he’s doing something he loves and yet probably thought he’d never be able to do and that is just wonderful.”

So if you’re a fan of the Grand National or maybe the Derby, then remember these names – Lee Sibley and Donald. Today a riding school in Hurn, tomorrow Aintree or Epsom. You never know!