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Improve your prospects and future by undertaking training and education to help you to obtain worthwhile and sustainable voluntary and employment opportunities


The Work4You project can provide support for people who are unemployed and/or persons with a disabilty or give individuals suffering with mental illness the opportunity to learn new skills, gain qualifications and to start or return to work. We will assist individuals to obtain either voluntary or paid employment. 


We can also help anyone who has barriers preventing them from entering the world of work, including; 

Being a lone parent 

Long term unemployment

A past criminal record

Mental health issues

A lack of skills or a lack of qualifications.


Work4You is a subcontractor to the CSW Group Ltd who have been successful in winning a contract that will provide Education & Skills Funded Agency 

and European Social Fund (ESF) funded activity to support individuals who are unemployed or inactive and aged 25+ in the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership area.  


In the partnership with CSW we will implement a model of delivery that presents a welcome opportunity to make a positive difference to the lives of unemployed and inactive people and their communities and and to demonstrate partnership working in Dorset at its best.


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